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We offer a wide range of services:

Bronze Clean Exterior wash only (includes wheel wells), chamois wipe-down, including doors and trunk jams$55.49
Day at the Spa All of Bronze Clean plus: interior vacuum (including trunk), interior and exterior windows, interior damp wipe-down, ashtrays, cup holders, wheels, and tires cleaned$189.99
Gold Clean All of ‘Day at the Spa’ Clean plus: engine clean, interior vents and surfaces cleaned, interior and tire dressing$221.99
Platinum Clean All of Gold Clean plus: fabric/carpet steam-cleaning and shampooing$332.99
Engine Degrease & Clean$54.39
Steam Clean/Shampooing (w/o pets)$130.54
Steam Clean/Shampooing (w/ pets)$233.88
Fog It Deodorizer$130.54

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