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Date, 3rd May, 2019

UAG consists of 11 Dealerships and one RV Dealership located in communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Mayor Lisa Helps and the Victoria City Council,Due to your council’s decision to begin a class action lawsuit against oil companies (for their impact on Victoria due to climate change) – our automotive group has cancelled our fall business meetings at the Delta Ocean Point in Victoria.  This decision removes approximately $20,000 from the Victoria economy.Our Auto Group fully supports a transition to a low carbon economy. All of the available research indicates this will be a multi decade transition. It will require a collaborative approach by private sector, government and every day citizens. The lawsuit is an aggressive attack on an industry that has given Canada the high standard of living that we all enjoy and often take for granted.Initiating a lawsuit when you have willingly and will continue to use fossil fuels for the foreseeable future, is hypocritical. Your roads are paved with oil, your houses are shingled with oil, your ferries importing your food and manufactured goods and tourists run on oil, the cruise ships that enter your harbour run on A LOT of oil and 99% of your cars run on oil.(These are vehicles that have 20 year lifespans and will not be going away any time soon. ) Transitioning to a fossil free environment in twenty years cannot happen just because someone wishes it so.  The world requires a plan to go from 100 million barrels a day to 99 million, then 90, then 80.Our automotive group, which is based in Alberta and Saskatchewan is appreciative of the work being done within the oil industry to ensure we have the most environmentally responsible oil extraction in the world.  Creating an open dialogue between all parties in a great first step in finding ways to collaboratively work towards our common goal of a sustainable future.   Not lawsuits.We sincerely hope you reconsider your lawsuit and seek out a more productive approach to discussing issues that affect all Canadians. Sincerely,Doug, Ross & Andrea UlmerUlmer Auto Group

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