Meet The Staff

The first picture below and the contact email is mine – I’m Tyler Zacharias, General Manager and a partner here at Ulmer Chev Cadillac.  From our most experience sales consultant to our newest I’m confident you will get ALL the answers you need to make your next purchase of a used, or new vehicle – at Ulmer Chev Cadillac.  Click on any of our emails – or begin the process by starting a chat or text by clicking the box below - - - we look forward to meeting you!
  • Tyler Zacharias
    Tyler Zacharias
    General Manager
  • Kirby Laumbach
    Kirby Laumbach
    Sales Manager
  • Byron Facca
    Byron Facca
    Sales Manager
  • Lance Herman
    Lance Herman
    Sales Professional
  • Ray Politeski
    Ray Politeski
    Sales Professional
  • Todd Clark
    Todd Clark
    Sales Professional
  • Ram Simbulan
    Ram Simbulan
    Sales Professional
  • Janet Boothman
    Janet Boothman
    Service Manager
  • Maura Phillips
    Maura Phillips
    Warranty Administrator
  • Owen Brown
    Owen Brown
    Service Advisor
  • Kevin Lindquist
    Kevin Lindquist
    Service Advisor
  • Nicole Tait
    Nicole Tait
    Service Advisor
  • Kris Lawrence
    Kris Lawrence
    Shop Foreman
  • Marlon Prince
    Marlon Prince
    Service Technician
  • Warren Anderson
    Warren Anderson
    Service Technician
  • Ian Cruzada
    Ian Cruzada
    Service Technician
  • Allan Aclan
    Allan Aclan
    Service Technician
  • Cody Syverson
    Cody Syverson
    Service Technician
  • Niall Ebel
    Niall Ebel
    Service Technician
  • Vadym Prudius
    Vadym Prudius
    Shuttle Driver
  • Brad Marr
    Brad Marr
    Quick Lube Supervisor
  • Ed Salt
    Ed Salt
    Quick Lube Supervisor
  • Austin Glynn
    Austin Glynn
    Quick Lube Technician
  • Justin Arcand
    Justin Arcand
    Quick Lube Technician
  • Monica Tung
    Monica Tung
    Parts Manager
  • Justin Reiter
    Justin Reiter
    Parts Professional
  • Connor Gustafson
    Connor Gustafson
    Parts Professional
  • Rashaad Sayeed
    Rashaad Sayeed
    Shipping, Recieving
  • Carman Gartner
    Carman Gartner
    Collision Centre Manager
  • Jennifer Lamb
    Jennifer Lamb
    Collision Advisor
  • Syhai Khamvongsa
    Syhai Khamvongsa
    Shop Foreman
  • Shayne Denis
    Shayne Denis
  • Austin Armitage
    Austin Armitage
    Paint Prepper
  • Julius Cusi
    Julius Cusi
    Detail Supervisor
  • Reyvil Domingo
    Reyvil Domingo
  • Deo Sidro
    Deo Sidro
  • Ellard Hamor
    Ellard Hamor
  • Chris Oleshko
    Chris Oleshko
    Finance Manager
  • Zach Harvey
    Zach Harvey
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Amanda Coupal
    Amanda Coupal
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Sarah Bilokraly
    Sarah Bilokraly
    Receptionist/Owner Relatons
  • Oksana Verganovska
    Oksana Verganovska
  • Stephanie Kronebusch
    Stephanie Kronebusch
  • Alicia Puckey
    Alicia Puckey

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